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epsilon Soft

It is one of the companies specialized in administrative development work, finding solutions at the level of information technology, and organizing the work of companies in line with the work environment in the Arab region.

The company is developing the Epsilon program in addition to implementing specialized software through contracts with a number of private companies


We as a company and as individuals believe in people as a source of creativity and innovation, in the joint effort of people and integration of work methods. We also value high principles and values and dedication to work. We also emphasize the need for high expertise, self-confidence, and an entrepreneurial spirit to meet any challenge. This is with a focus on raising both the ethical and scientific standards of individuals, by setting goals compatible with the ambition and enthusiasm for science and continuous learning. As a result, we always provide creative solutions to any problem with the highest quality and speed possible, to continue to win the trust and cooperation of our customers.


We believe that we have been, and continue to be, the leader in providing software solutions and value-added services, backed by the experience of our employees, the capabilities of our agents, and the needs of our customers. By constantly investing in knowledge and technology to provide innovative solutions.


Providing the best accounting software solutions that will return the highest level of customer satisfaction and acceptance.

  • Raising the level of quality standards for software solutions in the region, through the leading role of the company in the software industry and contributing to the development of industry standards in the region.
  • The great speed in completing the application of systems and solutions in companies.
    Providing all kinds of technical support to customers, whether internal or external support or support through the Internet.
    Providing all systems and solutions with training and illustrative means that help the user.
    Existence of a declared quality policy, and care is taken to implement it.
    Relying on national cadres with applied global expertise
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Our software is based on the latest technologies, programming languages and databases